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Finding your dream home is a big task. While you search for the right property, your FSTB Loan Officer can pre-qualify you for a loan – usually at the time of application. A financing plan in hand lets sellers know that you mean business and that your offer is backed by our solid reputation and years of experience.

We are in the process of updating the Mortgage section of our website. If you are looking for information regarding our financing options or today's interest rates, please contact one of our knowledgeable loan officers.

  Amy Beck

Mortgage Loan Officer | NMLS#476881
Phone: 859/746-5324
Email: mailto:abeck@fstb.com



  Scott Schilling

Mortgage Loan Officer | NMLS#460517
Phone: 859/240-0757
Email: mailto:sschilling@fstb.com


 Kim Lamblez

Mortgage Loan Officer  NMLS#1174475
Phone: 859/746-5336



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